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Nira X
ManufacturerSkybolt Toyz
Assortments (2)
Figures 1998
Figures 1999 Manga Force
Figures 1998
Nira X
Nira X Crystal Convention Edition 1500LE
Nira X Gold
Nira X Hell Glow (glow-in-the-dark)
Nira X Platinum LE5000
Figures 1999 Manga Force
Nira Black
Nira Cyber Skin
Nira Plasma Cyber Skin
Nira White
Nira Yellow
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Nira X    
Nira is an avenging angel from a time line that no longer exists - a universe that was wiped from existence by her evil brother Kain, who is an obsessed temporal criminal known as Paradoxx. Becoming an intergalactic mercenary and empowered with plasma based cyberskin, Nira has traveled back and forth through time to prevent the very destruction of the time continuum. Nira is the last line of defense against Kain - who feeds on the fabric of time itself. She is Nira X... the Cyber Angel!
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