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Other World
Assortments (4)
Beast & Figure(s)
Froggacuda (boxed)
Moc the Rock Thrower
Sir Cobra
Beast & Figure(s)
Antor Meets Skitzo
Battle For The Pir'Ankus
Battle of the Red Lake
Fighting Glowgons
Fighting Terrans
Sharkoss & Zendo
Yurus Meets Ess Geo
General Ess Gee (w 2 Jipps)
Hondu (w 1 Jipps)
Hondu (w 2 Jipps)
Jipps 4-pack
Kreena (w 1 Jipp)
Lava-Man (w 2 Jipps)
Raidy (w 1 Jipps)
Raidy (w 2 Jipps)
Ronin & Kreena (w 1 Jipp)
Ronin & Raidy (w 1 Jipp)
Ronin (w 1 Jipp)
Ronin (w 2 Jipps)
Skitzo (w 2 Jipps)
Warrior Jurka (w 2 Jipps)
Weapons Master (w 2 Jipps)
Zendo & Hondu (w 1 Jipp)
Zendo (w 1 Jipp)
Zendo (w 2 Jipps)
Castle Zendo
Weapons Rack
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Other World    
A long time ago on the planet Glowgon there was a great wizard named Nilrem. Through his wisdom and power he kept peace in all of the land. Raidy was Nilremes best pupil, but his powers were far inferior to his teacher. When Nilrem passed away Raidy became king of Glowgon. Although he tried his best, he was unable to keep the forces evil in check. Soon evil spread throughout many parts of the land. The evil minions of Zendo enslaved the people.
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