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Outer Space Men, The
 1968 - 1970 
Assortments (2)
Figures Series 1
Figures Series 2 (unproduced)
Figures Series 1
Alpha 7 (The Man from Mars)
Astro-Nautilus (The Man from Neptune)
Colossus Rex (The Man from Jupiter)
Commander Comet (The Man from Venus)
Electron+ (The Man from Pluto)
Orbitron (The Man from Uranus)
Xodiac (The Man from Saturn)
Figures Series 2 (unproduced)
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Outer Space Men, The    
In 1968, the Colorform company made a bold attempt at cracking the action figure market with a set of seven bendable rubber "Outer Space Men," each named after a different planet in Earth's solar system. Although the toy line was not initially successful, the innovative and fantastical design made lasting impressions on those children who owned them. Colorform Aliens are now one of the more expensive toys to collect, a fact made even more acute because of the toyes somewhat fragile elements.
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