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Planet of the Apes
 1973 - 1975 
Assortments (5)
Bend N Flex Figures
Dolls 1973
Dolls 1974
Vehicles & Animals
Bend N Flex Figures
Astronaut (Bend N Flex)
Cornelius (Bend N Flex)
Galen (Bend N Flex)
Soldier Ape (Bend N Flex)
Zaius (Bend N Flex)
Zira (Bend N Flex)
Dolls 1973
Astronaut (blue)
Astronaut (purple)
Dr Zaius
Soldier Ape
Dolls 1974
Astronaut Alan Verdon
Astronaut Peter Burke
General Urko
General Ursus
Forbiden Zone Trap (1974)
Fortress (1974)
Jail (1975)
Throne (1975)
Treehouse (1973)
Village (1973)
Vehicles & Animals
Action Stallion (brown) (1973)
Battering Ram (1975)
Catapult and Wagon (1975)
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Planet of the Apes    
The Planet of the Apes is probably Mego's most popular line of action figures. This fact is astounding considering how long it has been since there have been any new Planet of the Apes related movies or television programs and how many great action figures Mego made during its history. The line was based on the first Planet of the Apes film, starring Charlton Heston, but was not released until 1974 in order to capitalize on the new movie-inspired television series.
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