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Puppet Master
 1997 - 1999 
ManufacturerFull Moon Toys
Assortments (5)
Figures 1997 [2]
Figures 1998 [7]
Figures 1999, Retro [6]
Figures 2000 Movie Edition [6]
Blade (doll)
Decapitron (doll)
Decapitron, Stealth (doll)
Figures 1997 [2]
Blade - Cone-eyed
Blade - Gold Edition
Blade - Grey Coat (Troll & Toad Excl)
Blade - Red Coat (Japanese)
Blade - White Coat, Blood-Splattered (LE 1000)
Six Shooter
Six Shooter - Gold Guns Variant
Six Shooter - Japanese Variant (Black shirt)
Six Shooter - Troll & Toad Variant (Blue scarf)
Figures 1998 [7]
Jester - gold tunic (Gold Edition)
Jester - purple tunic (Previews Excl)
Jester - red tunic (regular)
Jester - red tunic + blue pants (Japanese)
Leech Woman - black dress (Previews Excl)
Leech Woman - Gold Edition (gold dress)
Leech Woman - pink dress (regular)
Leech Woman - purple dress (Japanese Geisha)
Mephisto - crystal (clear figure)
Mephisto - Japanese (Death)
Mephisto - red garment (Previews Excl)
Mephisto (black robe, white head)
Pinhead - black sweater (Previews Exclusive)
Pinhead - blue sweater - (Japanese)
Pinhead - brown sweater (regular)
Pinhead - mustard sweater (Gold Edition)
Pinhead - orange sweater (Halloween)
Pinhead - reddish sweater & brown pants
The Totem - Black skin - Previews Excl (coat)
The Totem - Glow-in-the-dark (San-Diego comicon)
The Totem - White skin - Japanese Variant
The Totem (gold chain)
The Totem (rust colored)
The Totem (rust colored) but no coat
Torch - Camo Coat - (Japanese)
Torch - Gold Edition (gold helmet)
Torch - Green Coat (Previews Excl)
Torch (black helmet)
Tunneler - Gold Edition (Gold drill top)
Tunneler - Grey uniform (Japanese)
Tunneler - Olive uniform
Tunneler - Tan uniform (Previews Excl)
Tunneler - White, Blood-splattered (Australian)
Tunneler - White, Bloody Drill (Japanese)
Figures 1999, Retro [6]
Bullet Tunneler - Silver (FM Direct) LE 2000
Cyclops - bloody
Cyclops (gray shirt)
Cyclops (green shirt)
Doctor Death
Doctor Death - White & Blood-Splattered (Lee's ex)
Retro Blade
Retro Blade - bloody (white smock, golden blades)
Retro Pinhead
Retro Six Shooter
Retro Tunneler
The Mortician (Doctor Death in black outfit)
Figures 2000 Movie Edition [6]
Blade (movie edition)
Jester (movie edition)
Pinhead (movie edition)
Six-Shooter (movie edition)
Torch (movie edition)
Tunneler (movie edition)
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