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Assortments (9)
3.75 Figures
6 inch Zentraedi Figures
Battle Pods for small figures
Doll Fashion Outfits
Doll Vehicle
Dolls [4]
Playset for small figures
Vehicles for small figures
3.75 Figures
Bioroid Terminator - Robotech Masters Enemy
Corg - Invid Enemy
Dana Sterling - Robotech Defense Force
Lisa Hayes
Micronized Zentraedi Warrior
Miriya (black outfit)
Miriya (red outfit)
Rand - Robotech Defense Force
Rick Hunter - Robotech Defense Force
Robotech Master - Robotech Masters enemy
Rook Bartley
Roy Fokker
Scott Bernard
Zor Prime - Robotech Masters Enemy
6 inch Zentraedi Figures
Armoured Zentraedi Warrior
Battle Pods for small figures
Invid Shock Trooper
Tactical Battle Pod
Zentraedi Officer's Battle pod
Doll Fashion Outfits
Evening Gown
Exercise Outfit
Fancy Dress Clothes - male
Fashion accessory pack
Miss Macross Outfit
Party Dress
Stage Dress
Star Disguise
Street Clothes
Doll Vehicle
Dana's Hover Cylce
Dolls [4]
Dana Sterling
Lisa Hayes
Lynn Minmei in Chinese Dress
Rick Hunter
Excaliber Mk VI
Invid Bioroid Fighter
Invid Bioroid Scout Ship
Raidar X
Zentraedi Power Armour Botoru Battalion
Zentraedi Power Armour Quadrono Battalion
Playset for small figures
SDF-1 Action Playset
Vehicles for small figures
Armoured Cyclone
Bioroid Hover Craft
Veritech Fighter
Veritech Hover Tank
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Robotech    
Robotech is an epic love story, told as a legend. Robotech is also a combination of 3 anime series (Macross, Southern Cross, and Genesis Climber Mospeada), which share a common concept, that of Protoculture. It tells the stories of 3 wars, each between humanity and a different alien race, over possession of Protoculture.
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