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Seaquest DSV
Beneath the surface lies the future.
Assortments (1)
"The Regulator" Leslie Ferina
Captain Nathan Hale Bridger (Roy Scheider)
Chief Manilow Crocker
Commander Ford
Darwin (the dolphin)
Dr Z
Lt Commander Katherine Hitchcock
Lt J. G. Tim O'Neil
Lucas Wolenczak
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Seaquest DSV    
The year is 2018... in the grand depth of the world's oceans lies the most dangerous and mysteryous region on Earth. Multinational confederations are armed and ready to protect their undersea colonies, farms and minig operations. The goverments of the world have created their last great hope: The United Earth/Oceans Organization (UEO). On the front lines of this hostile environment is Seaquest DSV (Deep Submergence Vehicle), the larget most powerful research submarine ever launched.
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