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Skeleton Warriors
They're Bad to the Bone
Assortments (3)
Figures 6 inch Humans
Figures 6 inch Skeletons
Figures 6 inch Humans
Prince Lightstar
Ursak: The Guardian
Figures 6 inch Skeletons
Baron Dark
Dr Cyborn
Skeleton Legion Skullcycle
Skeleton Legion Warhorse
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Skeleton Warriors    
The evil Baron Dark steals the powerful Lightstar Crystal by tricking the youngest brother of the royal family, who kept it safe, to get it for him . The Baron then splits the stone and takes the evil half, which causes him, and all who are evil at heart, to become living skeletons. The Skeleton Legion is born. The Legion's goal is to steal the other half of the crystal and then conquer the peaceful world of the Luminaries. The good-hearted Royal Family is determined to make sure Baron Dark never gets the other half of the crystal, and the battle of light and dark begins.
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