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Space Academy
A Flying University / Almost a City in Size
Assortments (2)
Adventure Outfits
Adventure Outfits
Adventure Outfit, Black
Adventure Outfit, Greenish
Adventure Outfit, Red
Issac Gampu
Tee Gar
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Space Academy    
Set in Star Year 3732, the Space Academy was a floating space station, a self-described planetoid, that operated as a training school for cadets to learn how to communicate with alien life forms. GHere we have gathered young people from the farthest reaches of all the known worlds e they have been chosen for their unique abilities and are being trained to cope with the mysterious, the unknown and the unpredictable dangers lurking in the vast darkness of space.g Under the instruction of Gampu were a slew of cadets, including Paul Jerome and Chris Gentry.
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