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Space Jam
Assortments (7)
Boxed Multipack
Cosmic Crammers
Michael Jordan Dolls
Sports Star with Toon 2-packs
Toons 2-packs
Boxed Multipack
Michael Jordan Triple Play
Cosmic Crammers
House of Slam Space Dome
Stratos-Slammer Hoop Set
Tune Squad Shoot Out
Michael Jordan Dolls
Michael Jordan Baseball Leaguer
Michael Jordan Tune Squad MVP
Talking Michael (15 inch)
Tee Time Michael
Sports Star with Toon 2-packs
Charles Barkley / Wile E Coyote
Larry Johnson / Barnyard Dog
Michael Jordan / Bugs Bunny
Michael Jordan / Elmer Fudd
Michael Jordan / Sylvester
Patrick Ewing / Pepe Le Pew
Toons 2-packs
Daffy Duck vs Pound
Lola Bunny vs Bang (green)
Marvin the Martian vs Nawt
Swackhammer vs Tweety
Tasmanian Devil vs Blanko
Yosemite Sam vs Bupkus (purple)
Marvin's Countdown Rock-o-tron
Moron Airship
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Space Jam    
The Looney Tunes gang have gotten themselves into a real jam by challenging a crew of tiny space aliens to an all-or-nothing basketball game for their freedom. The Looney Tunes did not know that the Nerdlucks could transform into a basketball squad of monstrous proportions - The Monstars. The Tune Squad needs a ringer fast to save them from impending doom. Who better than basketball's greatest all-time player, Michael Jordan... Can the Tune Squad pull together to beat the Monstars? It's a game where anything can happen!
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