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Spiral Zone
Earth's Most Powerful Soldiers!
 1987 - 1988 
Assortments (5)
Action Weapon Packs
Figures Black Widows
Figures Zone Riders
Action Weapon Packs
Auto Grappler
Snapper Claws
Spin Shot
Zone Blaster
Zone Drone + Missile Launcher Backpack
Zone Runner
Figures Black Widows
Bandit: 2nd in command
Duchess Dire: Special Operations Expert
Overlord: Leader of the Black Widows
Razorback: Bladesman Expert
Reaper: Commander of the Zoners
Figures Zone Riders
Dirk Courage
Hiro Taka
Max Jones
Tank Schmidt
Bullwhip Cannon
Rimfire Cannon
Sledge Hammer
Zone Rider
Desert Combat Suit
Dragon Warrior Suit
Frogman Suit
Jet Pilot Suit
Paratrooper Suit
Thermal Attack Suit
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Spiral Zone    
The Black Widows, an evil army bent on conquering the world, have released an infectious virus that is spreading across the earth. The virus has spread in a sprial pattern around the globe and now covers nearly half of the earth. The infected areas have been labeled the Spiral Zone. People who are infected become Zoners, mindless slaves of the Widows. A group of elite soldiers, called the Zone Riders, has been assembled to combat the Black Widows.
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