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Stone Protectors
ManufacturerAce Novelty
Assortments (6)
Figures Series 1 Predators
Figures Series 1 Protectors
Figures Series 2 Sports Heroes
Figures Series 2 Sports Villains
Figures Series 1 Predators
Stink - The Horrible Hachetman
Zok - The Evil Leader
Figures Series 1 Protectors
Angus - The Soldier
Chester - The Wrestler
Clifford - The Rock Climber
Cornelius - The Samurai
Maxwell - The Accelerator
Figures Series 2 Sports Heroes
Figures Series 2 Sports Villains
Tackle Jackal
Battle against Zok game
Anti-Aircraft Barbeque
Hang Glider Bomber
Mortar-Launching Golf-Cart
Mow'N Surf Attack Scooter
Recon Dynocopter
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Stone Protectors    
Before they found five glistening stones in a dilapidated leather box, they called themselves the Rock Defectors - five sloppy kids playing loud and annoying music. But after they fastened the precious gems to their chests, they became the Stone Protectors... dazzlin' musicians with millions of wild fans. What's more, they became crime-fighters with incredible powers! Elsewhere, dastardly Zork grew up despising noise. His ears, sensitive enough to hear a peep toad peep from ten miles away, burn like brushfire when they hear loud sounds.
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