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ManufacturerMarx Toy Corporation
Assortments (4)
Field Gear
Figure 12 inch (boxed)
Figure 12 inch (carded)
Field Gear
Duffle Bag
Fatigue Shirt
Small Gear Pieces
Zipper Jacket
Figure 12 inch (boxed)
4 Man Combat Team
Foreign Legion
Sargento - Medic
Sky Commando
Stonewall Smith The Battling Soldier
Stony Smith The All American Fighter
The Paratrooper
The Paratrooper (Narrow Box)
Figure 12 inch (carded)
Stony Smith All American Fighter
Stony Smith with Military Jeep
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Stony Smith    
Louis Marx & Co. knew enough to spot the "next big thing" when word of competitor Hasbro's 12" articulating soldier figure leaked out. In the same product year of 1964, Marx organized its development forces and drafted its own military action figure "STONY SMITH PARATROOPER" into the figure war.
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