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Superman Man of Steel
Man of Steel
Assortments (6)
Figures 1995
Figures 1996
Figures 1996 2-packs
Figures Deluxe
Figures Large
Vehicles 1995
Figures 1995
Laser Superman
Power Flight Superman
Steel (aka John Henry Irons)
Figures 1996
Lex Luthor
Solar Suit Superman
Street Guardian Superboy (unreleased)
Street Guardian Superman
Ultra Shield Superman
Figures 1996 2-packs
Cyber-Link Superman & Cyber-Link Batman
Cyber-Link Superman & Cyber-Link Batman LE
Hunter-Prey Superman vs Doomsday
Massacre vs Full Assault Superman
Figures Deluxe
Blast Hammer Steel
Ultra Heat Vision Superman
Figures Large
Superman Man of Steel (12 inch doll)
Ultimate Superman (10 inch)
Vehicles 1995
Kryptonian Battle Suit
Matrix Conversion Coupe with Clark Kent figure
Superboy "VOTL" Cycle
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