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Spawn Series 1 [Todd Toys]
Origincomic book
Assortments (8)
Figures [ Todd toys]
Figures [ Todd toys] Re-paints
Figures [ Todd toys] Collector's Club Exclusives
Figures [ Todd toys] Lightning Card Re-issues
Figures [McFarlane] Lightning Card KB Gold
Figures [McFarlane] Lightning Card Exclusives
Figures [ Todd toys]
Clown (Violator Face Shown)
Medieval Spawn (Navy Blue)
Overtkill (turquoise)
Spawn (black)
Tremor (orange and black)
Violator (light gray)
Figures [ Todd toys] Re-paints
Clown (Clown Face Shown)
Medieval Spawn (Black)
Overtkill (forest green)
Spawn (Hamburger Head)
Tremor (green and black)
Violator (glossy black) Convention Exclusive
Figures [ Todd toys] Collector's Club Exclusives
Spawn (Navy Blue)
Violator (matte black) (McF Club Exclusive)
Violator (red) (with comic book)
Violator (red) 10,000LE
Figures [ Todd toys] Lightning Card Re-issues
Clown (Clown Face Shown) with Lightning
Medieval Spawn (Black) with Lightning
Overtkill (forest green) on Lightning Card
Spawn (Hamburger Head) on Lightning Card
Tremor (green and black) with Lightning
Violator (light gray) with Lightning
Figures [McFarlane] Lightning Card KB Gold
Clown Gold (KB Exclusive)
Medieval Spawn Gold (KB Exclusive)
Overtkill Gold (KB Exclusive)
Spawn Gold (KB Exclusive) 24000LE
Tremor Gold (KB Exclusive)
Violator Gold (KB Exclusive)
Figures [McFarlane] Lightning Card Exclusives
Medieval Spawn (Pewter) Puzzle Zoo 20,000LE
Necroplasm Spawn (green) 1997 (Mcf Club Excl)
Spawn (Worm Head) 50th Anniv. Diamond Excl 5000LE
Spawn Alley Playset
Spawn Mobile
Violator Monster Rig
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Spawn First Series [Todd Toys]    
Spawn, in his human life, was a soldier fighting for the United States. He died under shady circumstances, and made a deal with....well....essentially the devil to come back to earth and see his wife. As such, he is a "Hellspawn" in the world of the living, or "Spawn" for short. As time goes on, he discovers powers and limitations that imply - surprise - that the devil does not always play fair. He cannot be trusted even in dealings with other hellions!
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