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Spawn Series 14: Dark Ages II
Assortments (3)
Figures Repaints
Figures 12 inch (2000)
Iguantus & Tuskadon
Mandarin Spawn: The Scarlet edge
Necromancer, The (sword & head inside wings)
Necromancer, The (sword & head on top edge)
Spawn: The Black Heart
Spawn: The Black Heart (no weapon at top-left)
Viper King (blue)
Figures Repaints
Iguantus & Tuskadon (green legs)
Mandarin Spawn (black & blue flame)
Mandarin Spawn (black yellow flame)
Necromancer, The (silver leggs)
Spawn: The Black Heart (white cloth)
Tormentor (different 2nd head)
Viper King (orange)
Figures 12 inch (2000)
Mandarin Spawn: The Scarlet Edge (12 inch)
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Spawn Series 14: Dark Ages II    
The second coming has arrived and it's highly uncivilized. A barbaric blend of sculptures that synopsize the grit and raw detail of the classic McFarlane Hellspawn. Inspired from the lineage of greatness that defined the first series, Spawn the Dark Ages II is an unrefined expression of superhuman strength and savagery that will outwit and outstare even the bravest of onlookers.
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