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Spawn Series 17: Classic
Assortments (3)
Exclusive 2-pack 2002
Figures, Resculpted Repainted (blue cards)
Exclusive 2-pack 2002
Spawn Five & One
Al Simmons (dead man)
Al Simmons (sandbags)
Clown II (mask off - in top LH corner)
Clown II (mask on - straps in top LH corner)
Malebolgia II (green-ish)
Malebolgia II (red-ish)
Medieval Spawn II
Medieval Spawn II (bloody sword)
Spawn V
Tiffany II
Figures, Resculpted Repainted (blue cards)
Al Simmons (light grey outfit)
Clown II (Hell Spawn bursting out of his stomach)
Malebolgia II (darker)
Medieval Spawn II (sword in hand)
Spawn V (straight leg, base changed)
Tiffany II (with Spawn logo shield) (warmer tones)
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Spawn Series 17: Classic    
The fans have spoken. McFarlane Toys listened. This is the result: a new series of classic Spawn comic book figures, each detailed like never before and shipped with a custom decorative base. The line includes all-new renditions of: Spawn, Al Simmons, Tiffany, Medieval Spawn, Clown and Malebolgia.
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