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Star Trek
Space. The Final Frontier
 1995 - 1996 
ManufacturerPlaymates.Star Trek
Assortments (10)
Figures 1995
Figures 1996
Figures 1997
Figures 2-packs 1998
Figures 2-packs Target
Figures 3-pack 1701
Figures Multi-pack 1994
Figures 1995
Captain Jean-Luc Picard LE 1701
Captain Picard as Galen, an intergalactic Priate
Commander Bejamin Sisko - as seen in "Crossover"
Counselor Deanna troi as Durango Western Attire
Dr Beverly Crusher in 1940s attire
Dr Katherine Pulaski
G. LaForge, Retired Starfleet Officer, Journalist
Grand Nagus Zek
Lieutenant Geordi LaForge
Lieutenant Jadzia Dax in Ritual Klingon Attire
Sheriff Worf in Western Attire
The Hunter of Tosk
The Traveler
Worf, Governor of H'Atoria
Figures 1996
Admiral William T Riker
Captain Christopher Pike
Captain James T Kirk - wearing Casual Attire
Christine Chapel
Elim Garak
Janice Rand - Yeoman
Lt Commander Worf
Lt Reginald Barclay
Lt. Tasha Yar [LE 1701]
Mister Spock
Security Chief Odo
The Jem'Hadar
The Talosian Keeper
Vina - as Orion Animal Woman
Figures 1997
Captain Benjamin Sisko
Captain Kirk in Environemntal Suit
Captain Kurn
Dr Beverly Crusher - LE 10,000
Dr McCoy in Dress Uniform
Gorn Captain
Harry Mudd
Professor Data
Seska as a Cardassian
The Mugatu
Tom Paris Mutated
Figures 2-packs 1998
Cmdr data + Worf + Alexander Rozhenko
Cpt Kirk + Balok + Balok's Puppet
Cpt Picard as Dixon Hill + Guinan as Gloria
Ensign Harry Kim + Species 8472
Figures 2-packs Target
Borg Drone + Picard as Locutus
Captain James Kirk + Mister Spock
Figures 3-pack 1701
Captain J.Kirk + Tasha Yar + Lt Barclay
Figures Multi-pack 1994
Starfleet Officers Collector's Set (6 ofifcers)
Klingon Great Hall
Romulan Bird of Prey
USS Defiant NX74205 (Star Trek DS9)
USS Excelsior NCC-2000
Classic Communicator (Talk Back)
Starfleet Phaser
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