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Tick, The
Mighty Morphin
 1995 - 1996 
Assortments (7)
Figures, 2nd Assort
Figures, Tick Talkers
Figurines 3 inch
Large 16" Figure
Wind-up Figures
"Man-Eating" Cow
"Pose-Striking" Die Fledermaus
Bounding Tick
Death Hug Dean
Exploding Dyna-Mole
Fluttering Arthur
Grasping El Seed
Growing Dinosaur Neil
Projectile Human Bullet
Sewer Spray Sewer Urchin
Figures, 2nd Assort
Color Changing Crusading Cameleon
Evil Tongue Thrakkorzog
Hurling Tick
Mucus Tick
Skippy the Propellerized Robot Dog
Twist and Chop American Maid
Figures, Tick Talkers
"I Dig Dinosaur Neil" Tick
"I Love Wheat" Tick
Natural Tick
Tourist Tick
Figurines 3 inch
American Maid
Chairface Chippendale
Crusading Chameleon
Dinosaur Neil
Dyna Mole
El Seed
Human Bullet
Sewer Urchin
The Tick
Large 16" Figure
Talking Tick, 16 inches
Steel Box, The
Wind-up Figures
Cannon Human Bullet
Crop Dusting' El Seed
Hard Drivin Tick
Submarine Sewer Urchin
Time Bomb Dyna-Mole
Wing Fluttering Arthur
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