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Figures that Fizz and Foam!
ManufacturerToy Island
Assortments (5)
Figures Psycho Screamers
Figures Wind-ups
Bad Gas Baby Human
Brain Booster Dr Vic
Gastro-Intestinal Igor
SpinalTap Phil
Figures Psycho Screamers
Dr Vic Psycho Screamer
Igor Psycho Screamer
Phil Psycho Screamer
Figures Wind-ups
Fred Deadman
Rabid Ravin' Melissa Screetch
Deluxe Laboratory
Dr Vic's Electron Chair with Dr Vic figure
Igor's Dungeon Delight Work-out Room with Igor
Phil's Foren-Sick Fun Time Gizmo with Phil figure
Crush Me Phil Monster Plush Toy
Talking Taunt Me Igor
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Toonsylvania    
Toonsylvania is a cartoon variety show "stitched" together by Igor and his big, dumb monster pal, Phil. The Igor segment features Igor, monster Phil, and the fastidious Dr. Vic, bringing to life the classic Frankenstein legend with a modern-day comedic twist. When Igor and Phil settle in to watch television, they tune everyone into their favorite sitcom, Night of the Living Fred. This segment follows the adventures of Fred Deadman and his family of zombies. The Science Minute is where Igor teaches kids about some key principle of science, usually at Philes expense.
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