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They're Not What They Appear To Be
 1985 - 1987 
Assortments (3)
Unproduced Figures 4.5 inch
Unproduced Vehicles
Enemy Visitor
Unproduced Figures 4.5 inch
Shock Trooper
Unproduced Vehicles
Enemy Visitor Jeep
Enemy Visitor Shuttlecraft
The Resistance Firebird
Story synopsis
Synopsis for V    
In V, humanlike Visitors arrive in 50 huge motherships, each measuring a mile and more across. Asking for our help to manufacture chemicals desperately needed for their dying planet, the Visitors are quickly assimilated into Earth culture. The Visitors gain power and influence, thanks in part to brilliant public relations and also to the conversion process that turns any human into a Visitor puppet. But cameraman Mike Donovan discovers their secret -- that the Visitors are actually lizard creatures who are stealing the water and human life of Earth for food!
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