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US Forces
Defenders of Peace
 1986 - 1990 
Assortments (4)
1986-87 Figures
1990 Figures
Major Action Playsets
Vehicles (some w/ fig)

List all items (alphabetically)
1986-87 Figures
Airman John
Blaster Force
Captain Conquer
Captain Impermeable
Combat King
Commando Hank
Hidden Force
Jungle Raider
Jungle Stormer
Karate Star
Major Muscle
Martial Master
Officer Airborne
Secret Force
Sergeant Skinhead
Silent Bullet
Silver Shot
Steel Fist
1990 Figures
Captain Combat
Corporal Crusher
Forst Trooper
Ice Wonder
Major Metal
Safety Zone
Super Space
Swamp Man
Tiger Claw
Major Action Playsets
Airborne Assault
Battle Station
Combat Nest
Combat Training
Sea Combat Craft
Sky Fortress
Vehicles (some w/ fig)
Cannon Cycle + CC Ryder fig
Command Center
Command Chopper
Land Attack Machine
Land Fighter w/ Fig
Rapid Attack Turbo Copter + Airman John fig
Sea Combat Craft
Sea Combat Craft (yellow inflatable)
Sea Fighter + Combat King fig
Sky Fighter + Airman John
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