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Defender of the Universe
 1984 - 1986 
ManufacturerPanosh Place
Assortments (5)
Commander and orher Figures
Pilot Figures
Commander and orher Figures
Doom Commander - Commands the Doom Blaster
Haggar the Witch
King Zarkon
Prince Lotor
Robeast Mutilor - Commands the Coffin of Darkness
Robeast Scorpius - Commands the Coffin of Doom
Skull Scavenger - Commands the Skull Tank
Black Lion
Blue Lion
Green Lion
Red Lion
Pilot Figures
Hunk - Pilots of the Yellow Lion
Keith - Pilots of the Black Lion
Lance - Pilots of the Red Lion
Pidge - Pilots of the Green Lion
Princess Allura - Pilots of the Blue Lion
Castle of Lions
Coffin of Darkness
Coffin of Doom
Doom Blaster
Skull Tank
Zarkon Zapper
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Voltron    
The cartoon series known as Voltron tells the story of five pilots who are battling to save the planet Arus, and the rest of the universe, from the diabolical King Zarkon. The only thing that stands in Zarkones way is Voltron, a mighty robot that is composed of five spaceships that look like lions.
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