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Barbed Wire Zorro
Chain Mail Zorro
Classic Zorro
Cold Steel Zorro
Don Diego Zorro
Evil Machete
Evil Ramon
Figures with Horse
Ramon and Bartola
Zorro & Tornado
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Lady Rawhide
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Deluxe Zorro Role-Playing Kit
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Synopsis for Zorro    
The year is 1820 and Don Diego De La Vega has returned to his home in Los Angeles to find tyranny and villainy running rampant through this once peaceful pueblo. The people cry out for help against the corrupt Ramon - the notorious governor who holds the town in his evil grasp. Disguised as the clever fox, Don Diego accepts the challenge to restore civility, order, and justice... In a cloak of secrecy, he takes to the night and slashes his famous mark of vigilance into the very fabric of society.
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