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X-Men [1996-1998] Multi-packs and Gift Sets
 1996 - 1998 
ManufacturerToy Biz.X-Men
Assortments (4)
1996 Alternate X 2-pack
1996 Multipacks
1997 Multipacks
1998 Multipacks
1996 Alternate X 2-pack
Weapon X & Wolverine
1996 Multipacks
FAO Schwartz 4-pack in mail-order box
FAO Schwartz Dark Phoenix Saga 4-pack
Mutant Hall of Fame 10-pack - (75000 LE)
X-Men Gift Set 4-pack
1997 Multipacks
Danger Room 4-pack
The Original X-Men 5-pack
1998 Multipacks
Giant-Size X-Men 6-pack
Strike Team 8-pack
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