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Assortments (5)
DG Dragosaurs
DZ Dinozaurs
Figures 5"
Figures 6.5" Reissues
Ultimate 2-packs and 3-packs
DG Dragosaurs
DG-1 Gigano Dragon (boxed)
DG-2 Drago Tyran (boxed) (not seen)
DG-3 Drago Brachio (boxed) (not seen)
DG-4 Drago Stegus
DG-5 Drago Tigra
DG-6 Drago Dactyl
DG-7 Drago Ceratops
DG-8 Drago Elephas
DZ Dinozaurs
DZ-1 Dino T-Rex (boxed)
DZ-2 Dino Brachio (boxed)
DZ-3 Dino Stego
DZ-4 Dino Sabre
DZ-5 Dino Ptera
DZ-6 Dino Tricera
DZ-7 Dino Mammoth
Figures 5"
Dino Brachio
Dino Mammoth
Dino Stego
Dino T-Rex
Dino Tricera
Figures 6.5" Reissues
Dino Mammoth
Dino Stego
Dino Tricera
Drago Ceratops
Drago Elephas
Ultimate 2-packs and 3-packs
Ultimate Dino Brachio 3-Pack
Ultimate Dino Styrako 3-pack
Ultimate Dino T-Rex 3-Pack (w Arch & Pachy)
Ultimate Drago Draconus 2-pack
Ultimate Gigano Dragon 2-pack (w Drago Wing)
Story synopsis
Synopsis for DinoZaurs    
65 million years ago, the evil Dragozaurs invaded earth to steal all the "life spirit" and destroy the world. The dinosaurs defeated the Dragozaurs, but the process led to the dinosaurs' total extinction. Today, the Dragozaurs are back to wreak havoc. The ancient dinosaurs displayed in museums are brought back to life as Dinozaurs to protect the Earth, and with the help of some chosen kids, the Dinozaurs battle back!
About the TV Show:    
The Dinozaurs animated television series follows the saga of the Dinozaurs battle against the evil Dragozaurs. The Dinozaurs, a group of ancient dinosaurs displayed in museums, are brought back to life to protect the earth from the Dragozaurs, who invade the planet to steal all of the "life spirit" and destroy the world. Through teamwork with a group of chosen kids, the Dinozaurs battle to save Earth from destruction.
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