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From Yasushi Nirasawa Comic
ManufacturerArt Storm.Fewture
Origincomic book
Assortments (7)
2001-02 Boxed Sets
Bonus Parts Figures
OVA Series
Series 01
Series 01 big figures
Series 02
Tribal Series
2001-02 Boxed Sets
Akira & Miki TRU Pewter Set
Devil Fusion Akira & Elis Conscious Miki LE500
Ryo and Satan Repaint Boxed Set - LE 300
Tribal Fusion Akira & Loads Conscious Miki - 500LE
Bonus Parts Figures
Dante (black bonus fig from parts in 10 figs)
Dante (dark blue, carded)
Dante (red)
Devilman Skeleton
Devilman Skeleton (clear)
Devilman Skeleton (glow in the dark blue)
OVA Series
OVA Amon (reg=red chest)
OVA Amon 666 Phantom Glow
OVA Amon Limited Color (Black)
OVA Amon TRU Pewter
OVA Devilman (blue chest)
OVA Devilman 666 Phantom Glow
OVA Devilman Black
OVA Devilman TRU Pewter
OVA Saylos (reg=pale blue)
OVA Saylos 666 Phantom Glow
OVA Saylos Limited Color (smokey)
OVA Saylos TRU Pewter
Series 01
Amon (reg = purple)
Amon Black
Amon Blazing (grey fleshtone, blue card)
Amon Diablo Green (blue card)
Amon TRU Pewter
Devilman (fleshtone, blue card)
Devilman (reg=greenish)
Devilman Black
Devilman Diablo Green (blue card)
Devilman Special Glow
Devilman TRU Pewter
Devilman-Lady Black
Devilman-Lady Clear Orange (purple card)
Devilman-Lady Crystal (purple card)
Devilman-Lady Hellfire Red (purple card)
Devilman-Lady Ld Color (clear orange, red card)
Devilman-Lady US
Devilman-Lady US Franken Green
Devilman-Lady US TRU Pewter (purple card)
Silene (reg=blue wings)
Silene 666 SuperFestival Bloody Version (black)
Silene Black
Silene Crystal (Reds Ltd) (purple card)
Silene Limited Color (clear orange, purple card)
Silene Nacre Blue (purple card)
Silene US (reg=white wings)
Silene US Succubus Blue
Silene US TRU Pewter (purple card)
Winged Devilman 666 SuperFestival (Blue) LE666
Winged Devilman Black
Winged Devilman Ghost Glow (dark card)
Winged Devilman Limited Color (clear green)
Winged Devilman Special Glow in the Dark
Winged Devilman TRU Pewter
Zannin (reg=purple)
Zannin 666 SuperFestival
Zannin Black
Zannin Limited Color (trans. green, purple card)
Zannin Special Blazing (purple card)
Zannin TRU Pewter LE3000
Series 01 big figures
Gelmer 666 SuperFestival
Gelmer Black
Gelmer Camouflage
Gelmer Limited Color (Poison Green)
Gelmer TRU Pewter
Jinmen (grey with bone skulls)
Jinmen 666 SuperFestival Bloody Version
Jinmen Black
Jinmen Blood Dyed (red, mauve tongue)
Jinmen Inferno Red (translucent))
Jinmen TRU Pewter
Series 02
Akira Fudo (reg=flesh tone)
Akira Fudo 666 SuperFestival (Creepy Glow)
Akira Fudo Limited Color (black)
Mico (reg=green suit)
Mico Acid Purple (pink)
Mico Internet (translucent green suit, black hair)
Mico Limited Color
Mico Pewter
Miki Makimura (reg=red skirt)
Miki Makimura 666 Venus Conscious (copper)
Miki Makimura Limited Color (black)
PsychoGenie (reg=red hair)
PsychoGenie 666 Maximum Flash (crystal)
PsychoGenie Black
PsychoGenie NightDumb (clear purple)
PsychoGenie TRU Pewter
Ryo Asuka (reg=yellow hair)
Ryo Asuka 666 Super Festival Creepy Glow
Ryo Asuka Limited Color (black)
Satan (reg=milky blue)
Satan 666 Heaven's Age (milky white, gold)
Satan Limited Color (clear smoke)
Welvath (regular version)
Welvath 666 Glamorous Trousers SuperFestival
Welvath Highway Star (pink hair)
Welvath Limited Color (black)
Zann (reg=yellow teeth on chest)
Zann 666 Diabolic Violet
Zann Limited Color (black)
Zann Rusty Copper 500LE (Japanese)
Zann TRU Pewter / Comicalize 500LE (Japanese)
Zenon (reg=black, brown wings)
Zenon 666 Blizzard (pale aqua green)
Zenon Inferno Red 500LE
Zenon Limited Color (Black)
Zenon TRU Pewter
Zenotic Amon (red)
Zenotic Amon (reg=dark purple)
Zenotic Amon 666
Zenotic Amon Limited Color (black)
Zenotic Amon TRU Pewter
Tribal Series
Amon, Tribal
Devilman, Tribal
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Devilman    
Devilman and two other demons are sent to Earth to possess humans and cause chaos. Finding two Japanese families nearby when they awake from their long slumber in the Himalayas, Devilman chooses to possess Akira Fudo (his first choice, Akira's father having died from fright), and the bedeviled boy is adopted by the kindly Makimura family. Falling in love with his stepsister Miki, Akira forgets his original mission. His former demon overlord, Zenon, sends a succession of creatures to kill him, and Akira must call on his ill-gotten powers.
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