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The Corps! Construction
 1999 - 2002 
ManufacturerLanard Toys
Assortments (3)
1999 Max Power Sets
2000 Max Power Sets
1999 Max Power Sets
7-figure multipack w/ wheelbarrow
2000 Max Power Sets
3-man crew set: (Hot Wire + Spike + Straight Edge)
3-man crew set: (Rush Hour + Saw Blade + Pablo)
Gas And Electric Tool Truck
Pick-up Truck
Story synopsis
Synopsis for The Corps! Construction    
TO BUILD AND RESTORE!TM This is the creed every The Corps!® Construction crew member is sworn to uphold. These highly trained specialists apply their skills in disaster prevention, rebuilding disaster areas, and assisting specialized emergency construction assignments worldwide.The Corps!® Construction crew is THE first and last line of restoration!
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