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Elite Force
ManufacturerBlue Box Toys
Assortments (12)
5.11 Tactical Series
Accessory packs
Aviator Series
Aviator Series - Accessories
Die-cast Figurines
Elite Force
Elite Force - Early Window Box Packaging
Freedom Force
Perfect Body Dolls
Terminate Series - The Bad Guys
5.11 Tactical Series
Freedom Fighter (alpha mission)
Accessory packs
Action Figure Stand
Big Gun Pak: 37mm Antitank Gun
Combat Gear ALICE Pack
Combat Gear Luftwaffe Parachute
Combat Gear RAF Parachute
Combat Gear Ranger Backpack
Combat Gear Sniper Backpack
Combat Gear Sniper Camo String
Elite Force Terminate Weapons Set-A
Elite Force Terminate Weapons Set-B
Elite Force Weapons Set A
Elite Force Weapons Set B
Full Metal Gear Die-Cast Weapons (green box)
US Army Ranger Desert Assault Gear Set
USMC MEU Desert Full Combat Armor Set
Aviator Series
Blue Angels 2002 Capt Rob FField
Blue Angels 2002 LCDR Scott Kartvedt
Burner F15A Female Pilot
Chinese MiG Pilot, Korean War "Wang Hai"
F-15C Eagle Pilot "Viper"
F-18 Hornet Aviator "Cougar"
George Bush
JASDF F-15J Eagle Driver
North American F86 Sabre Pilot
US Army Apache Pilot "Marshall"
Aviator Series - Accessories
F-15 C Cockpit
Flight Helmet VA-115
Flight Helmet VF-154
Flight Helmet VF-31
Flight Jacket Type 45P Jacket
Flight Jacket Type G1 Jacket
Flight Jacket Type G8 Jacket
Die-cast Figurines
British Soldiers - Battle of Waterloo
Confederate Soldiers - The American Civil War
French Soldiers - Battle of Waterloo
German Soldiers - World War II
Roman Legion
Union Soldiers - The American Civil War
US Soldiers - World War II
Elite Force
101st Airborne 327th Jerry Ellis
26th MEU 2nd Force Recon - Chopper
50th Anniversary Green Beret Set
British Royal Marine - "Mne Allen"
British SAS Brigade - Douglas Caldwell
Delta Force 1st Sfod Delta "Styker"
French Airborne "Bruno"
French Foreign Legion - Leon Javert
GSG-9 "Konrad" (Border Protection Unit)
LAPD Female Patrol Officer Somers
LAPD Parole Officer West
LAPD SWAT - Urban Assault Team - Sgt Mendez
LASD Officer Burns
Metro SWAT "Merit Exclusive for North America"
Navy SEAL Desert Operations "Raptor"
Navy Seal Night Ops. "Owl"
Navy SEAL Team 8 "Shark"
Navy Seal UDT "Stingray" (Underwater Demolittion)
NSCT - "Raider"
Russian M.V.D. 'Krechet'
Sapeurs Pompiers (French Fire Fighters)
SAS "Clark" (Special Air Service )
SASR HALO - Chris Naylor
SEAL Helicopter Sniper "Hawkeye"
SWAT Operator "Jackson"
SWAT Team 'Barret' (Ohio Police Dept)
US 101st Airborne 327th, 3rd battalion
US Air Force Pararescue "Sgt W Bones Wilson"
US Army 10th Special Forces - Gunslinger
US Army 75th Ranger "Cobra"
US Army 8th Infantry Division
US Army Green Beret Sniper - Prowler
US Army Ranger + USAF Pararescue PJ
US Army Special Forces "Eagle"
US Army Special Forces "Rogue"
US Fire Department Emergency Services
US Marine Corp: Marine Force Recon "Sniper"
US Marine Corps Sniper - "Snake"
US Navy SEAL 8 - Boarding Unit - Trident
USMC "Arthur Fenton"
USMC "Sgt John Salias"
USMC Digital Desert "Tony Bishop"
Ussocom - US Army Ranger - Renegade
War Journalist (Exclusive)
Elite Force - Early Window Box Packaging
Modern CIA Paramilitary Force
Modern US Marine Force Recon
Modern USMC .50 Machine Gunner
US Army Army 1st Division
US Army Special Ops Sniper
US Navy F-14 Topgun Pilot
US Navy Navy Seal Team 8
USMC 1st Marine Division
USMC M-134 Gatlin Gunner
USMC Machine Gunner
Freedom Force
US 26th M.E.U.
US ARMY 82nd Airborne
US Army Special Force Delta Force (AA)
US Army Special Force Delta Force (Caucasian)
US Army Special Force Green Beret
US Marine Corps (Caucasian)
US Marine Corps (Hispanic)
US Navy F-14 Tomcat Pilot
US Navy Female F-14 Tomcat Pilot
Richard Marcinko
Richard Marcinko - Combat Swimmer
Rudy Boesch
Rudy Boesch Navy SEAL
Perfect Body Dolls
Body Builder AA
Body Builder Asian
Body Builder Caucasian
Body Builder Caucasian G3.5
Female Perfect Body African American
Female Perfect Body Asian
Female Perfect Body Blonde
Female Perfect Body Brunette
Female Perfect Body Chrome (Cy Girl)
Female Perfect Body Gold (Cy Girl)
Terminate Series - The Bad Guys
Scorpion the Enforcer
Sniper Assassin "Lucifer"
101st Medic First Sergeant Will Bailey
12th Waffen SS Panzer Rifleman - Corp W Feigel
21st Panzer Division Gunner '"Corp Franz Haas"
2nd British Commando Unit "Private Robert James"
5th US Army Rangers 'Sergeant Hoppy Bell'
Australian Corporal Paddy Ryan
British 6th Airborne Division
British Army Commando - Peter Keyes
British Paratrooper - Sgt. Neil Williams
British Sergeant Harry Sinclair
DAK Motorcycle Recon - Johan Jergens
DAK Mountain Troops - Rudi Kessling
D-Dat The Way We Were #21318
D-Dat The Way We Were #21319
D-Dat The Way We Were #21320
D-Dat The Way We Were #21321
Fallschirmjager in Kreta (2003 Anniv LE)
German F-J Oberfreiter
German F-J Obersleutnant
German Panzer Grenadier "G Dieter Voss"
Imperial Japanese Navy - Yamamoto Ichiro
Imperial Japanese Navy Japanese Pilot 'Lt. Sakae'
Japanese Army Officer 'Saburo Nakagawa'
Luftwaffe Fighter Pilot "Major Ernst Wagner"
North Africa Luftwaffe - Otto Schulz
RAF Fighter Pilot "Squadron Leader Keith Gordon"
RAF Flight Lieutenant Donald Moore
US 101st Airborne "Bud Norris" LE1000
US 82nd Airborne Division - Major D. McIlvoy
US Army Bazooka - Lefy McGill
US Army First Infantry Division 'Chuck Hayes'
US Army Mortar - Corporal Red Parker
US Army Radio Operator
US Marine Corp "Sergeant Dusty Rhodes"
US Pilot 'Doc Miller'
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