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Ultimate Soldier Xtreme Detail
Manufacturer21st Century Toys
Assortments (5)
Vietnam: Carded Action Figures
Vietnam: Vehicles
WWII: Carded Action Figures
WWII: Playsets
WWII: Vehicles
Vietnam: Carded Action Figures
M60 Machine Gunner
M79 Grenadier
NVA Regular
US Infantry
US Navy Seal
US Platoon Leader
Viet Cong
Vietnam: Vehicles
M151 Jeep Mutt
M48A3 Patton Tank
UH1C Huey Helicopter
Vietnam Era Mutt with Tow Missile Launcher
WWII: Carded Action Figures
101st Airborne Private Wilson
101st Airborne Sgt. Davis
101st Cpl. Mansfield
82nd Airborne Cpl. Esquivel
82nd Airborne Cpl. Jennings
82nd Airborne Cpl. Ruppert
Bazooka U.S. Infantry
Fallshirmjager Cpl. Wenzel
Fallshirmjager Lance Cpl. Mayer
Fallshirmjager Major Von Schnitzel
Fallshirmjager Private Keitel
Fallshirmjager Private Krieger
Fallshirmjager Sgt. Jaeger
German Infantry
German Machine Gunner
German MP-44 Soldier
German Officer
German Panzer Grenadier
US Bar Gunner
US Flame Thrower
US Infantry
US Officer
WWII: Playsets
Doorway with Pillar 1 Figure
Government Building with 2 Figures
WWII: Vehicles
US MB with Driver
WWII German Kubelwagen and Driver
WWII German Panther Tank and Tank Commander
WWII M4 Sherman Tank and Driver
WWII ME-109 Messerschmidt Military Plane & Pilot
WWII U.S. Airplane Mustang P51-D and Pilot
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