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Ultimate Soldier
Manufacturer21st Century Toys
Assortments (22)
_Recent Additions
Boxed Figures - MOD
Boxed Figures - NAM
Boxed Figures - no flap (1998/2000)
Boxed Figures - various
Boxed Figures - WWII - 2000/2001
Carded Figs 1 - 1998 - "Workout Togs"
Carded Figs 2 - 1998 - "BDUs"
Carded Figs 3 - 1999 - "WWII"
Carded Figs 4 - 2000 - "Modern & Extra Hand"
Carded Figs 5 - 2001 - "Super Soldier Body"
Carded Figs 6 - 2002 - "Villains, other"
Uniforms & Weapons - 1998 - Green Cards
Uniforms & Weapons - 1999/2000 - Rust Cards
Uniforms & Weapons - 2000 - lanscapes
Uniforms & Weapons - 2000 - village cards
Uniforms & Weapons - 2000/2001 - NAM
Uniforms & Weapons - 2001 - rivets cards
Vehicles - 1998
Vehicles - 1999
Vehicles - 2000
Vehicles - 2001
_Recent Additions
Eastern Front Uniform
F18 Hornet Aviator
Female EMT
German Grand Sasso Raider Uniform
German Paratrooper Officer
Hand & Gear Set
Helicopter Pilot Uniform
Huey Hogg Helicopter
m1025 Armored vehicle artic camo
Pacific Jungl Outpost
Stalingrad Grnadier KB - white
Steve McQueen with Motorcycle
SWAT Pointman
US Army Ranger - Soldier Bear
US Marine Medic
US Marine Rifleman
US Navy Seal with Stoner Machine Gun Uniform
US Special Forces - Soldier Bear
Vietnam Era Weapons - polybag
World War II Weapons - polybag
WW2 German Infantry Wehrmacht
Boxed Figures - MOD
(MOD) Navy Seal Jungle Ops (2000)
(MOD) US 75th Ranger Recon (2001)
(MOD) US Armor Crewmember (2000)
(MOD) US Helicopter Pilot (2000)
[MOD] British SAS Scud Hunter (2000)
[MOD] Navy Seal Mountain Ops (2000)
[MOD] Russian Spetznaz Sniper (Afghanistan)
[MOD]Seal Team 5 VBSS
82nd Airborne Paratrooper
Boxed Figures - NAM
[NAM] Air Cavalry Pilot (2000)
[NAM] Navy Seal M60 Gunner (2001)
[NAM] Navy Seal with Stoner Machinegun (2000)
[NAM] North Vietnamese Army Regular (2000)
[NAM] US Special Forces - Mike Force (2001)
[NAM] Viet Cong Main Force (2001)
US Navy Seal Stoner MG
Boxed Figures - no flap (1998/2000)
(NAM) MAC-V Spec Ops Grp Set
(WW2) Eastern Front (german)
(WW2) German Rifleman
(WW2) Panzer Grenadier (1999)
[NAM] USMC Advisor set - Vietnam
[NAM] Vietnam Veterans Memorial (2001)
2nd Ranger Battalion Bar Gunner
Cavalry Scout & Motorcycle
Delta Force Close Quarters Battle Set
Interactive Soldier WWII
MAC-V-SOG FX99 - LE Club exclusive
Navy Seal ORTP - LE 500 - FX2000
Special Forces Combat Set
Special Forces Small Arms Expert
Special Forces Small Arms Expert (another one)
The Ultimate Supply Room
US 3rd Infantry Division (1999)
US Army Ranger
US Artic Combat Set - Target Exclusive
US Navy Seal Night Ops
US Special Forces Op Desert Storm
USMC Recon Trooper- KB Exclusive
WWII 3rd Infantry Battle Set
Boxed Figures - various
Marine Flame Thrower
PBR Crewman
Seal Team 5
Boxed Figures - WWII - 2000/2001
[WW2] 101st Air.Div. Pathfinder 506th Reg (2000)
[WW2] 101st Airborne Division
[WW2] 101st Airborne Oper. Market Garden (2000)
[WW2] 1st Infantry Bazooka Gunner (2001)
[WW2] 29th Infantry D-Day
[WW2] 82nd Airborne Div Pathfinder Normandy (2000)
[WW2] Battle of the Bulge - 4th Armored Div (2001)
[WW2] British 8th Army (2000)
[WW2] British Commando (2000)
[WW2] British Paratrooper
[WW2] Fallschrimjager German Paratrooper
[WW2] Fallshirmjager Officer - Mnt Cassino (2000)
[WW2] German Infantry NCO Normandy (2000)
[WW2] German Machine Gunner (2000)
[WW2] German U-boat Commander
[WW2] Japanese Infantry (2000)
[WW2] P-51 Fighter Pilot 9th Airforce 1944 (2001)
[WW2] Soviet Infantry Stalingrad (2000)
[WW2] US Navy Corpsman (2000)
[WW2] US Tank Commander (2000)
[WW2] USMC Jungle Fighter
[WW2] USMC Raider (2000)
[WW2] Wehrmacht
Africa Korps Infantry
Fallshirmjager Grand Sasso Raider
Carded Figs 1 - 1998 - "Workout Togs"
US Air Force "in togs"
US Army "in togs"
US Marines "in togs"
US Marines "in togs", colored
US Navy "in togs"
Carded Figs 2 - 1998 - "BDUs"
US Air Force
US Army
US Marines
US Navy
Carded Figs 3 - 1999 - "WWII"
World War II 3rd Infantry Division Figure (carded)
World War II Army Ranger (carded)
World War II British Paratrooper
World War II German Infantry
World War II German Paratrooper
World War II Paratrooper (carded)
Carded Figs 4 - 2000 - "Modern & Extra Hand"
Modern Jungle Sniper (2000)
Modern Urban Infantry (2000)
Modern US Infantry (2000)
Modern Winter Sniper
World War II German Infantry II
Carded Figs 5 - 2001 - "Super Soldier Body"
World War II British 8th Army Infantry N.Africa
World War II German Major General
Carded Figs 6 - 2002 - "Villains, other"
US Special Forces
Villains Henchman: Hans
Villains Henchman: Yuri
Waitress (Hostage)
Uniforms & Weapons - 1998 - Green Cards
1st Infantry US Army
Fire Base Accessory Set
L.P.O.P. Set
Military Sandbag Set
Specal Operations Weapons set
Special Forces (Delta Project)
US Army Drill Sergeant
US Army Infantryman (Light) (uniform)
US Army Long Range Recon Patrol
US Army Pathfinder
US Army Platoon Leader - green card
US Army Radio Telephone Operator
US Army Special Forces Mac-V Advisor
US Military Machine Guns (Vietnam)
US Military Weapons (Vietnam)
US Navy Seal (Recon)
USMC M-60 Machine Gunner
USMC Rifleman
USMC Shotgunner
World War II Weapons - polybag
Uniforms & Weapons - 1999/2000 - Rust Cards
82nd Airborne Infantry (uniform)
Action Accessories
AK Weapons Set - Series I (Modern)
AT4 Anti-Tank Weapon Set
British SAS Soldier (SCUD Hunter) - rust card
Dragon Anti-Tank Weapon Set
Modern Foreign Set Series II
Modern Foreign Weapon Set
Modern Foreign Weapons Set Series III - rust card
Modern MK-19 Automatic Grenade Launcher
Modern Sniper Rifles Set
Modern Special Operations Weapon Set
Navy Seal Jungle Ops (weapons) - rust card
Seal Team 5 (VBSS)
Soviet Spetznaz (uniform)
Stinger Anit-Aircraft Weapon Set
TOW Anti-Tank Weapon Set
US Air Force CCT
US Army Platoon Leader - rust card
US Army Ranger (weapon set) - rust card
US Modern Infantry (weapons) - rust card
US Modern M-249 Saw Gunner (Weapons) - rust card
US Modern Machine gun Set - rust card
US Modern Military Police set
US Modern RTO
US Modern Weapon set
US Navy Seal Night Ops
US Special Forces CQB (Close Quarter Combat)
Uniforms & Weapons - 2000 - lanscapes
US Armor Crew Member (weapons) - purpleish card
US Desert Night Ops (weapons) - blueish card
US Modern Artic Infantry (weapons) - blueish card
US Modern Desert Infantry (weapons) - blueish card
Uniforms & Weapons - 2000 - village cards
[WW2] 101st Airborne Operation Market Garden (uni)
[WW2] 101st Pathfinder (506th Reg)
[WW2] 29th Infantry (uniform set)
[WW2] 2nd Ranger Battalion (uniform)
[WW2] 3rd Infantry Div (Uniform set)
[WW2] 82nd Airborne Div, (uniform)
[WW2] Axis Weapon Set
[WW2] British 8th Army (uniform)
[WW2] British Commando (uniform)
[WW2] British Paratrooper (uniform set)
[WW2] British Sten Gun Set
[WW2] Camo 82nd ABN Pathfinder (uniform)
[WW2] German Afrika Korps Infantry (uniform)
[WW2] German Infantry NCO (uniform)
[WW2] German Machine Gunner
[WW2] German MG-34 (Machine Gun) Set
[WW2] German Officer (Cassino) (only uniform)
[WW2] German Panzer Grenadier (uniform)
[WW2] German Panzershreck (Weapons) Set
[WW2] German Paratrooper (uniform)
[WW2] German WWII Infantry (uniform set)
[WW2] Japanese Infantry 1944 (uniform set)
[WW2] M2 .50 Cal Machine Gun
[WW2] Russian Infantry (Stalingrad) (only uniform)
[WW2] US .30 Caliber Machine Gun
[WW2] US Bazooka Set
[WW2] US Marine Jungle Fighter
[WW2] US Marine Raider (Only Uniform & Weapons)
[WW2] US Navy Corpsman (only uniform)
[WW2] US Pacific Weapon Set
[WW2] US Tank Commander (Only Uniform & Weapons)
[WW2] US WWII Weapons Set
Uniforms & Weapons - 2000/2001 - NAM
[NAM] Air Cavalry Pilot (uniform)
[NAM] Navy Seal with Stoner Machine Gun
[NAM] North Vietnamese Army Regular (black unif)
[NAM] North Vietnamese Army Regular (uniform)
[NAM] Special Forces (Mike Force)
[NAM] Viet Cong & North Vietnamese Army Weapon Set
[NAM] Viet Cong Main Force (uniform)
Uniforms & Weapons - 2001 - rivets cards
[MOD] Artic Sniper Camo Weapon Set
[MOD] Covert Operations Weapon Set
[MOD] Russian Spetznaz Sniper (uniform)
[MOD] US 75th Ranger Recon Uniform Set
[WW2] .30 Cal Watercooled Machine Gun W.Set
[WW2] Axis Weapons Set II
[WW2] US Special Forces Weapons Set
Vehicles - 1998
M1025 Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle (camo)
M151A2 MUTT and Trailer
M998 Cargo/Troop Carrier Desert Camouflage
Woodland MUTT with Driver
WWII MB Miiltary Jeep with Figure
Vehicles - 1999
[WW2] Camo German Schwimmwagen (1999)
[WW2] Gray German Schwimmwagen (1999)
[WW2] Land/Water Recon Schimmwagen (Afrika Korps)
[WW2] M5 Light Tank
[WW2] WWII Motorcycle & Rider
A3 White Scout Car
Vehicles - 2000
[MOD] AH-6 Little Bird Helicopter
[MOD] M1025 Command Vehicle
[MOD] M2 Fighting Vehicle (green camo)
[MOD] M2 Fighting Vehicle (tan)
[NAM] Air Cav Helicopter (2000)
[WW2] German Kettenkrad (Gray)
[WW2] German Schwimmwagen Desert (2000)
[WW2] Kettenkrad German Motorcycle Tractor (Tan)
[WW2] Land/Water Recon Vehicle (grey Schwimmwagen)
[WW2} German Motorcylce w/ Sidecar (2000)
M1025 Armored Recon Vehicle
M3 Bradley Fighting Vehicle
Vehicles - 2001
[WW2] Kubelwagon Grey
[WW2] Steve McQueenG on Motorcycle
Bf 109 Messerschmitt
German WWII Kubelwagen - Afrika Korps Camoflauge
German WWII Kubelwagen - Eastern Front Camoflauge
German WWII Kubelwagen - Grey
Kettenkrad German Motorcycle/Tractor - grey
Liberation of Paris
M5 Light Tank
US Modern M2 Fighting Vehicle
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