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Spawn Series 19: The Samurai Wars
Origincomic book
Assortments (5)
Figures Club Exclusive
Figures Boxed
Figures Boxed Set 2004
Accessory Pack - Collector's Club exclusive.
Jackal Assassin
Lotus Angel Warrior
Samurai Spawn
Scorpion Assassin (with fur)
Figures Club Exclusive
Lotus Angel Warrior (repaint - club excl)
Figures Boxed
Jyaaku the Nightmare
Figures Boxed Set 2004
Samurai Spawn + Takeda Archer (2-pack)
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Spawn Series 19: The Samurai Wars    
Throughout history there have always been Hellspawns. Feudal Japan was no exception. The six figures in the Samurai Wars re-create the core Spawn mythos and do it in style. These figures set a new high-water mark in detail, paint, articulation and accessories. Simply put, no other manufacturer has created action figures so playable, yet so beautifully detailed. Spawn Series 19 is unlike any action figure line McFarlane Toys ever created.
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