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Middle Earth Toys (Tolkien's Lord of the Rings)
 1998 - 1999 
ManufacturerToy Vault
Assortments (2)
1998 Figures
1999 Figures
1998 Figures
Balrog - Earth (ME006)
Balrog - of Kazad-dum (ME005)
Balrog - Shadow (ME007) - Portal Exclusive
Balrog - The Fire (ME019)
Frodo in Lorien (ME009)
Frodo in the Barrow Downs (ME014)
Frodo of the Shire (ME013)
Frodo The Hobbit (ME021)
Gandalf in Fanghorn (ME003)
Gandalf in Hobbiton (ME004)
Gandalf the Grey (ME002)
Gandalf the White (ME001)
Ugluk at War (ME017)
Ugluk in His Cave (ME018)
Ugluk on the Hunt (ME015)
Ugluk the Orc (ME022)
1999 Figures
Barrow-Wight - Evil Spirit of Angmar
Barrow-Wight - The Nocturnal Barrow-Wight (ME037)
Fire Balrog
Frodo the Hobbit
Galadriel, an Elven Queen (ME038)
Galadriel, Lady of the Wood (ME033)
Gandalf the Wizard (ME020)
Gimli in Battle Action
Gimli in Lorien
Gimli of the Fellowship (ME028)
Gimli the Dwarf
Gollum A.K.A. Smeagol
Gollum the Evil Hobbit
Gollum the Fisherman (ME 026)
Lord of the Nazgul - Deluxe figure - (ME010)
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Middle Earth Toys (Tolkien's Lord of the Rings)    
More a time than a place, Middle Earth is Tolkien's incredibly detailed 'invented' world, filled with elves, dwarves, wizards, goblins, dragons, and ... hobbits. It has enchanted people of all ages since first described in "The Hobbit."
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