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Front Mission 3
Originvideo game
Assortments (2)
Series 1
Series 2
Series 1
No 01 (tan)
No 02 (brownish)
No 03 (grey)
No 04 (blueish)
No 05 (red)
Series 2
No 06 (boxed)
No 07 Wanker Reika Type 1 - Original version 2980
No 14 Dark Blue Wanzer Dolague
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Front Mission 3    
Front Mission 3 by SquareSoft is turn-based role-playing game, where you follow the character Kazuki, who has numerous problems. He's a Wanzer pilot (Wanzer being Square lingo for mech) in Japan. A big explosion goes off in a large military complex where his sister is working, and he of course freaks out and assumes she's toast. With the help of some mysterious girl he picks up in a bar, as well as that of an annoying friend, he goes to investigate by running around the military base in his fully armed Wanzer.
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