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JoJo's Bizare Adventures
Assortments (2)
Boxed 2-packs
The 5th Generation - Boxed
Boxed 2-packs
Volume 1: Kujo Jotaru and Star Platinum
Volume 1: Kujo Jotaru and Star Platinum (ver 2)
Volume 2: Kakyoin and Heirophant Green,
Volume 3 Polnareff and Silver Chariot
Volume 4: Dio and the Worldl
Volume 5: Muhammad Avdol + Magician's Red
Volume 6: Joseph Joestar + Hol Horse
The 5th Generation - Boxed
No 1 - Giorno Giovanna + Gold Experience
No 2 - Brune Bucciarati + Sticky Fingers
No 3 - Diavolo + King Crimson
No 4 - Guido Mista
No 5 - Narancia Ghirga
No 6 - Leone Abbacchio
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