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Armored Core 2
Assortments (2)
Armored Core 2 Mechs
Armored Core Another Age Mechs
Armored Core 2 Mechs
Figure 01
Figure 01 var
Figure 02
Figure 03
Armored Core Another Age Mechs
01 Mech
01 Mech (EB Excl)
02 Mech
02 Mech (EB Excl)
03 Mech (boxed)
03 Mech (carded)
Kotobukiya's awesome array of walking weapon arsenals! Don't let the title fool you- "High-End Action Model"- these are NOT model kits. The word "model" is being used in place of "action figure" primarily for the Japanese market to up sales- where assembled kits rule supreme. Kinda like Kentucky Fried Chicken changing it's name to simply KFC to eliminate the fatty thought of "Fried" food.
Assortment based on Armored Core 2 released to the US via Diamond:
#1 Emroard ECM XR00- released 1st Quarter 2001
#2 Zio Matrix ZCL-XA/2- released 1st Quarter 2001
#3 Matrix ZCX-F/ROOK- released Summer 2001
Koto is continuing their Armored Core 2 robot action figure series in 2001/ 2002 with a new line entitled Armored Core 2: Another Age and based on the new PS 2 video game of the same name. This Second Series includes:
#1 Emeraude ECL?ONE- released December 2001
#2 Zio Matrix ZCH-GR/1 - released December 2001
#3 Emeraude Tank Type ECH-D4- coming February 2002
Two color variants of robots #1 and #2 are also being offered. The #1 Emeraude ECL?ONE will be returning in a green and orange color scheme July 2002 as a Previews Exclusive. The #2 Zio Matrix ZCH-GR/1 was offered as an Electronics Boutique Exclusive in a green and yellow color scheme December 2001.
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Armored Core 2    
In Earth Year 223, life on Mars has become a daily struggle for survival in a brutal corporate world. Since the terraforming operation brought a breathable atmosphere to the Red Planet, over 30 percent of Earth's population migrated there in the past 20 years, and the result is a fledgling world with a wealth of opportunities and a host of dangers for enterprising and skilled individuals. One of the most exciting and deadly occupationsis that of an Armored Core pilot. ACs, as they're known, are giant mechs that corporations use as hired goons to sabotage and harm each other on Mars.
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