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ManufacturerMoore Action Collectibles / Moore Creations
Assortments (2)
Vampirella - Golden (boxed)
Vampirella - Harvest Moon variant
Vampirella - Julie Strain (boxed)
Vampirella - Julie Strain Variant (Tower Recs)
Vampirella - rear-end variant
Vampiralle Statue
Vampirella Mini Bust LE5000
Vampirella Ornament
Vampirella Statue LE2700
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Vampirella    
Born a Vampire and the first daughter of Lilith. In her birthplace of Drakulon, blood flowed like water in huge rivers, and Vampirella depended on this blood for sustainment. Having fled her dying planet, she now searches for life-giving blood on earth, where she has been given a sacred mission - to rid the Earth of all vampires, the evil offspring of her own mother. Although she requires regular feedings of blood, Vampirella does not have any of the traditional weaknesses of vampires. She is not harmed by sunlight, etc...
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