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ManufacturerWorlds of Wonder (WOW)
Assortments (2)
Custom Stand
Germs in tubes
Custom Stand
Custom Stand
Germs in tubes
Ahahchoosiosus (green)
Bubblebuppilitus (orange)
Gidgygidgyitus (blue)
Grumpyrumbleosus (orange)
Hackahackasilliae (green)
Huppahickasillia (dark green)
Innyouttyitis (red)
Muggywumpiosus (pink)
Oochiachitickleorum (green)
Sweatystinkiosus (peach)
Winkyblinkyigoopiola (blue)
Yoggayoggyitus (purple)
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Germs    
Germs are everywhere! You smell them. You touch them. Your best friends have Germs. Even your family has Germs. Now you can collect them. Gross people out with them! Germs are sealed in test tubes for your protection. Each Germ comes with its own unique Lab Report - telling you everything you need to know! Remember, don't let them out!
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