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Tech Wars
The Battle for Freedom in the Future
Assortments (2)
Exo-suits with Pilots 2001
Exo-suits with Pilots 2002
Exo-suits with Pilots 2001
Aerial Attack Tech-Suit + Lt Jimbo Mayor
Command Tech-Suit + General Michael Glayz
Enemy SHOC Command Tech-Suit + SAL V
Enemy SHOC Infantry + RIC 1
Ground Assault + Major C B "Al" Burns
Military Enforcer Tech-Suit + Col. Tom Onzi
Exo-suits with Pilots 2002
Artic Assault + Fred Hurl Lee
Flamethrower Tech-Suit +
SHOC Navy Tech-Suit +
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Tech Wars    
In the year 2058, earth has combined it's military defense forces into a single group utilizing state-of-the-art TECH SUITS. Fully armed, TECH SUITS have lethal power and immense strength. These new soldiers must face the SHOC (Sentient Humanoid Ordnance Commandos), robot warriors who were designed to fight alongside humans, but who now hold the world in a grip of fear. Led by earth's greatest military heroes, the TECH-SUITS ready to win freedom once again for the human race.
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