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Alley Cat
Alley Baggett is...
ManufacturerAction Toys
Assortments (1)
Alley Cat Figures
Alley Cat Figures
Alley Cat - bleached-denim variant
Alley Cat - regular
Alley Cat - toyfare exclusive variant (burgundy)
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Alley Cat    
A young woman from New Orleans, Alley in thrust into a supernatural world through a leather garment possessed by the malevolent spirit of the Marquis De Sade. The demonic suit was commissioned by Sade for his great love Anne-Prospere. Anne eventually died, but the garment lived-on, and has found a new host with miss Alley Baggett. Opening her eyes to the spiritual world around her, the suit is inherently evil and attempts to control Alley and lead her down the dark path originally travelled by the Marquis.
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