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Soldiers of the World
 1997 - 2002 
ManufacturerFormative International
Assortments (16)
Battle Scenes Accessories
Deluxe Weapons and Accessories Sets
Figures, Mounted
Figures: Civil War (Classics)
Figures: Desert Storm 1990-1991
Figures: Footlockers with Figure and Gear
Figures: Korean War 1950-1953
Figures: Leaders of the World
Figures: Revolutionary War 1775-1783
Figures: Sounds of Battle Sets
Figures: Vietnam War 1961-1975
Figures: World Conflict Series
Figures: World War I
Figures: World War II
Military Gear
Battle Scenes Accessories
Ammo Case Set
Barricades Set
Command Post
Defender Set
Footlocker Set
M2 Heavy Machine Gun Set
Mark 19 Grenade Launcher
Medical Set
Mortar Set
Mxx Dragon Atni-Tank Weapon
Tent Set
Vehicle Accessory Set
Deluxe Weapons and Accessories Sets
Series 1
Series 2
Series 3
Series 4
Series 5
Series 6
Series 7
Series 8
Series 9
Series 10
Series 11
Series 12
Figures, Mounted
1st Sergeant - Confederate Soldiers
Brigadier General (on horse) - Continental Army
Buffalo Soldier
Canadian Mounted Police
Cavalry - Battle of Chancellorsville
Cavalry - The Rough Riders
Colonel - The Rough Riders
Commander-in-Chief (on horse) - Continental Army
Confederate Soldiers - Texas Volunteer Calvary
Emperor (Napoleon)
General - The Battle of Gettysburg
Gunner - American Artillery Company
Lt. General - The Battle of Shiloh
Officer - Continental Light Dragoons
Rough Rider
Figures: Civil War (Classics)
1st Lt - Corps of Engineers
1st Sergeant
1st. Lt. Inf.
1st. Lt. S.C. Rifles
Abraham Lincoln - President
Cavalry - Texas Volunteer
Colonel - Infantry
Colonel - The Rough Riders
Commander - Navy
Confederate Soldier General
Infantry - The Virginia Regt.
Infantryman - Georgia Infantry
Louisanna Tiger
Lt General - The Battle of Shiloh
Lt. Col. Artillery
Lt. Col. Artillery (Accessory Set)
Lt. Commander - Navy
Lt. General - Union Soldier
Major - Army Hospital Steward
Major - Artillery
Musician - Infantry
NCO US Cavalry
Officer - The Virginia Cavalry
President Ulysses S. Grant
Private - Maryland Infantry
Private (different)
Pvt. 54th Mass. Regt.
Pvt. Inf.
Pvt. Maryland Inf.
QM Sergeant - Infantry
Quartermaster - Supply Troops
Regt. QMS. Artillery
Sergeant - Cavalry
Sergeant - New York Volunteer Infantry (Zuoves)
Sergeant Major - Cavalry
Sergeant Major - Infantry
Sgt. Cavalry
Sgt. Inf.
Soldier - The Rough Riders
Texas Volunteer Cavalry
Trooper - The Irish Brigade
Union - NCO Cavalry
Figures: Desert Storm 1990-1991
Air Assault 101st Div.
Airborne 82nd Div.
Anti-Tank Gunner
Army General
Captain - 24th Inf Div (Mechanized)
Cavalry - 1st Cav Div
Green Beret
Helicopter Pilot
Infantry - 1st Inf. Div.
Machine Gunner
Marine 1st Lt.
Marine Recon
Navy Seal (Boarding Mission)
Navy Seal UDT
Recon Scout
Special Force
Trooper - 2nd ... Cav.
USAF Security Police
Figures: Footlockers with Figure and Gear
Desert Storm - Infantry (Tan Footlocker)
Desert Storm - Marine (Tan Footlocker)
Enduring Freedom - Army Ranger (Tan Footlocker)
Vietnam War - Airborne (Green Footlocker)
Vietnam War - Navy Seal (Green Footlocker)
World War II - Infantry (Green Footlocker)
World War II - Marine (Green Footlocker)
Figures: Korean War 1950-1953
Airborne Forces - Private (USA)
Arctic Inf (23rd Inf. Regt) - USA
Artillery Officer
Australia Corporal
Belgium Capt.
Canada Sgt.
France Lieutenant
Major - S-Korea
Major General
Marine - (Winter Field Dress) USA
Netherlands Corporal
Norway Major
Private - (Winter Field Dress) S.Korea
Private - 24th Inf. Div - USA
Rifleman (3rd Inf Div) - USA
South Korea - Major
South Korea - Pvt. winter field dress
Trooper USA
United Kingdom Pvt.
United Kingdom Sgt.
USA 1st Recon Co.
USA Army Sgt
USA Bar Gunner
USA Bar Gunner (ethnic)
USA Corporal 187 Airborne
USA Flame Gunner
USA Flame Gunner (ethnic)
USA Machine Gunner
USA Major
USA Private
USA Radioman (ethnic)
USA Scout Sniper
USA Sergeant - 622nd MP Company
USA Tank Crewman
USA Tank Crewman (ethnic)
USA Team Member - 9th Inf. Regt. Raider Team
USAF Captain
USMC Ace Pilot - USA
USMC Bazooka Man
Figures: Leaders of the World
Ben Franklin 1706-1790
George Washington 1732-1799
Herbert Hoover 1874-1964
James Madison 1751-1836
Figures: Revolutionary War 1775-1783
American Patriot-British Redcoat
Brigadier General
Capt. British Navy
Captain - Continental Navy
Commander in Chief - Continental Army
French War Commissary
Gunner N.Y. Artillery Co.
Hessian Grenadier
Militiaman - Amer. Inf.
Minute Man Mass. Militia
Officer - British Marines
Officer Continental Light Dragoons
Officer of Militia - American Inf.
Private - 38th Foot British Light Company
Private - Continental Marines
Pvt. Maryland State Troops
Pvt. Rhode Island Light Inf.
Rifleman 1st. Regiment Cont. Army
Sergeant 6th Regiment - Cont. Army
Figures: Sounds of Battle Sets
Battle of the Bulge
Pearl Harbor
Porkchop Hill
Siege of Khe San
Figures: Vietnam War 1961-1975
Advisor to ARVN
Air Force
Airborne Ranger
Airman 1st Class, US Air Force
Army General
Battle for Hill 484 (3 figure diorama)
Color Guard
Combat Vehicle Crewman
Door Gunner
Flame Gunner
Green Beret
Helicopter Crewman
Jungle Recon
Long Range Recon Patrol
M203 Grenadier
M79 Grenadier
Marine Machine Gunner
Marine Recon
Medic - 9th Inf. Div
Montagnards Soldier
Navy Advisor, Junk Force
Navy Seal UDT
NCO, 7th Special Forces
Paratrooper 173rd Airborne
Patrol Boat Crewman
Petty Officer 1st Class - Navy
PFC 101st Airborne
Pointman 1st Cav
Recon Marine - 1st Recon Bn
Recon Patrol (3 figure diorama)
Recon Team Member - MACV/SOG
Sergeant - 9th Inf Div
Special Forces - Recon Team Zeta
Special Forces, Project Delta
Specialist 4-11th Armored Cav Regt
Team Member - Navy Seal
Trooper, 1st Calvary Division (Airmobile)
Tunnel Rat
Vietnam War 1961-1975 Grenadier-1st Inf Div, 2nd
Figures: World Conflict Series
US Green Beret - Enduring Freedom
US Machine Gunner (Restore Hope)
US Navy SEAL (Iraqi Freedom)
Figures: World War I
Austria Assault Inf.
Belgium Inf.
Britain Inf. (early uniform)
Britain Lt. machine gunner
Expeditionary Corps.
France Foreign Legionnaire
France Inf. (early war uniform)
France Lt. machine gunner
Germany Inf. Corporal (early uniform)
Germany Inf. Western Front
Germany Infantryman
Italy Inf
Russia Inf
Scotland Inf.
U.S.A. 157th Inf.
U.S.A. Inf. (campaign hat)
U.S.A. inf. (helmet)
U.S.A. Marine
Figures: World War II
Air Force
Airborne Commander
Alamo Scout - 6th Army
Arctic Infantry
Arctic Infantryman (ethnic)
Armored Engineering Batallion
Armored Force Radioman
Army 1st Sergeant
Army Engineer - Demolition
Army Engineer - Demolition (ethnic)
Army Scout
Bazooka Man
British Gunner
British Infantryman
Engineer Aviation Battalion
Fighter Pilot
Flame Gunner
Flying Tiger
Forceman, Special Service Force
Grenadier - 29th Inf Div
Hospital Corpsman
Iwo Jima ( 5 figure diorama)
Landing Craft Crewman
Machine Gunner
Marine at Guadalcanal
Marine Sgt.
Mechanic - US Army Air Force
Medic - Tech 5th Grade - 94th Inf Div
Medical Corpsman
Mine Detector Operator
Mountain Soldier
Naval Beach Battalion
Omaha Beach (3 figure box set)
Parachute Inf. Regt.
Radioman (ethnic)
Raider Bn.-1st Marine Raider Regt
Ranger - 2nd Battalion
Sgt. British Commando
Sgt. Inf.
Shore Patrol
Signalman - Eng Special BDE
Ski Trooper
Staff Sgt, 17th ABN Division
Tank Battalion
Tank Crewman - 102nd Inf Div
Military Gear
(Vietnam gear)
2nd Lieutenant - 8th Infantry Division
Bar Gunner - 3rd Infantry Divison (Korean War)
ETO MP Snowdrop (WWII)
Firer - Bazooka Crew - 1st Marine Division
Germany Infantryman World War I
Green Beret - 5th Special Forces Group (Vietnam)
Infantryman - 1st Cavalry Division (Desert Storm)
Infantryman - 3rd Army (WWII)
Loader - Bazooka Crew - 1st Marine Division
M203 Grenadier - USMC (Vietnam)
M79 Grenadier - 1st Infantry Division (Vietnam)
Machine Gunner USMC (Vietnam)
Marine - 1st Marine Division
Marine Raider - 1st Marine Raider Regiment (WWII)
Navy PT Boat Landing Party "South Pacific" (WWII)
Paratrooper - 17th Airborne Division (WWII)
Paratrooper - 82nd Airborne Div (Desert Storm)
Seabee - 25th Regiment 'Normandy' (WWII)
Sniper - 1st Batalion, 5th Marine Div (Vietnam)
Sniper - Navy SEALs (Desert Storm)
Tactical Load Bearing Vest - Set 1
Tactical Load Bearing Vest - Set 2
Team Member - Long Range Recon Patrol (Vietnam)
Team Member - US Navy SEALs (Vietnam)
Trooper - 1st Cavalry Division (Vietnam)
Trooper - US Army Special Forces (Desert Storm)
US 101st Airborne Division Infantryman 'Bastogne'
US Army Delta Force - Enduring Freedom (WCS)
US Army Ranger - Enduring Freedom (WCS)
US Army Ranger Anzio (WWII)
US Army Special Forces - Enduring Freedom (WCS)
US Green Beret - Enduring Freedom (WCS)
US Machine Gunner - Enduring Freedom (WCS)
US Marine - Enduring Freedom (WCS)
US Navy SEAL - Enduring Freedom (WCS)
A.T.V. (with US Army Ranger)
Desert Recon Cycle (+ rider)
Jungle Recon Cycle (+ rider)
US Military Vehicle - Camo
US Military Vehicle - grey, canvas top
US Military Vehicle - no top
US Military Vehicle - White, canvas top
US Military Vehicle - with canvas top
US Military Vehicle 0220584
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Soldiers of the World    
This line of 12 inch military figures covers recent conflicts, as well as historical figures.
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