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GIJoe '83 (elbow has swivel)
ManufacturerHasbro.GI Joe.3.75
Assortments (9)
1983 Figures, Mail-in
1983 Figures, New
1983 Figures, Reissues
1983 Figures, Reissues, Cobra
1983 Gliders with Figure
1983 Playsets
1983 Vehicles
1983 Vehicles with Figure
1983 Weapons and Accessories
1983 Figures, Mail-in
First Sergeant - Code Name Duke
Mercenary - Code Name Major Bludd (swivel arm)
1983 Figures, New
Artic Trooper - Code Name Snowjob
Enemy Weapons Supplier - Code Name Destro
Helicopter Assault Trooper - Code Name Airborne
Marine - Code Name Gung-Ho
Medic - Code Name Doc
Mercenary - Code Name Major Bludd
Mine Detector - Code Name Tripwire
Seal (Sea, Air, Land) - Code Name Torpedo
1983 Figures, Reissues
Bazooka Soldier - Code Name Zap
Commando - Code Name Snake Eyes
Communications Officer - Code Name Breaker
Counter Intellligence - Code Name Scarlet
Infantry Trooper - Code Name Grunt
Laser Rifle Trooper - Code Name Flash
Machine Gunner - Code Name Rock'N Roll
Mortar Soldier - Code Name Short Fuse
Ranger - Code Name Stalker
1983 Figures, Reissues, Cobra
Cobra (Soldier)
Cobra Commander
Cobra Officer
1983 Gliders with Figure
Cobra Command Attack Glider Viper + Viper pilot
GI Joe Attack Glider Falcon + Grunt pilot
1983 Playsets
Headquarters Command Center
Jet Pack (JUMP) + Grand Slam fig
1983 Vehicles
Amphibious Personnel Carrier (APC)
Attack Vehicle (VAMP) + Heavy Artillery Laser
Battle Armor SNAKE (suit)
Cobra FANG Helicopter
Cobra's Sentry & Missile System (SMS)
Polar Battle Bear (skimobile)
Twin Battle Gun Whirlwind
1983 Vehicles with Figure
Armored Missile Vehicle Wolverine + Cover Girl fig
Assault Copter Dragonfly (XH-1) + Wild Bill fig
Cobra HISS (High Speed Sentry) + Cobra HISS Driver
Combat Jet Skystriker (XP-14F) + Ace fig
1983 Weapons and Accessories
Flame Thrower (Pac/Rat)
Machine Gun (Pac/Rat)
Missile Launcher (Pac/Rat)
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