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GIJoe '84 (battle grip swivel arm)
ManufacturerHasbro.GI Joe.3.75
Assortments (4)
1984 Figures
1984 Figures, Cobra Enemy
1984 Vehicles
1984 Vehicles with Figure
1984 Figures
Dog Handler - Codename Mutt - with Junkyard
First Sergeant - Code Name Duke
Flame Thrower - Code Name Blowtorch
Halo Jumper - code Name Rip Cord
Heavy Machine Gunner - Code Name Roadblock
Jungle Trooper - Code Name Recondo
Tracker - Code Name Spirit
1984 Figures, Cobra Enemy
Cobra Anti-Armor Specialist - Code Name Scrap Iron
Cobra Intelligence Officer - Code Name Baroness
Cobra Ninja - Code Name Storm Shadow
Cobra Saboteur - Code Name Firefly
1984 Vehicles
Battle Armor SNAKE
Cobra ASP - Assault System Pod
Cobra CLAW
Manta Windsurfer (mail-in)
Motorized Crimson Attack Tank (CAT)
Sky Hawk One Man VTOL Jet
1984 Vehicles with Figure
Attack Vehicle (VAMP Mark II) + Clutch fig
Cobra Night Attack 4-WD Stinger + Enemy Cobra
Cobra Rattler (Ground Attack Jet) + Wild Weasel
Cobra Water Moccasin + Copperhead fig
Flying Submarine (SHARC) + Deep Six fig
Hovercraft (Killer WHALE) + Cutter fig
Self-Propelled Cannon (Slugger) + Thunder fig
Zartan the Enemy with Swamp Skier (Chameleon)
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