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GIJoe '85 (head now moves up & down)
ManufacturerHasbro.GI Joe.3.75
Assortments (6)
1985 Audio Cassette with Figure
1985 Figures
1985 Figures, Cobra Enemy
1985 Figures, Dreadnok
1985 Vehicles
1985 Vehicles with Figure
1985 Audio Cassette with Figure
Listen'N Fun with Tripwire fig (Mine detector)
1985 Figures
Commando - Code Name Snake Eyes (w/ Wolf)
Covert Operations - Code Name Lady Jaye
Desert Trooper - Code Name Dusty
Fire Fighter - Code Name Barbecue
Hostile Environment - Code Name Airtight
Infantry Trooper - Code Name Footloose
Missile Specialist - Code Name Bazooka
Mountain Trooper - Code Name Alpine
Sailor - Code Name Shipwreck
Silent Weapons - Code Name Quick Kick
Warrant Officer - Code Name Flint
1985 Figures, Cobra Enemy
2-pack: Crimson Guard Commanders - Tomax & Xamot
Cobra Communications - Code Name Tele-Viper
Cobra Elite Trooper - Code Name Crimson Guard
Cobra Frogman - Code Name Eel
Cobra Polar Assault - Code Name Snow Serpent
1985 Figures, Dreadnok
Dreadnok - Code Name Buzzer
Dreadnok - Code Name Ripper
Dreadnok - Code Name Torch
1985 Vehicles
Bomb Disposal Vehicle
Cobra Ferret
Cobra Flight Pod (Trubble Bubble)
Cobra Night Landing Raft
Mini Tank Armadillo
Silver Mirage Motorcycle
Transportable Tactical Battle Platform
Weapon Transport
1985 Vehicles with Figure
Aircraft Carrier USS Flagg + Keel-Haul Admiral
AWE Striker + Crank Case fig
Bridge Layer (Toss'N Cross) + Toll Booth fig
Cobra Hydrofoil (Moray) + Lampreys fig
Mauler MBT Tank + Heavy Metal fig
Snow Cat + Frostbite fig
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