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GIJoe '86
ManufacturerHasbro.GI Joe.3.75
Assortments (6)
1986 Figures
1986 Figures, mail-in
1986 Figures, set w/ Audio Tape
1986 Playsets (w/ figs)
1986 Vehicles
1986 Vehicles with Figure
1986 Figures
BAT - Cobra Android Trooper
Beach Head - Ranger
Dial-Tone - Communications
Dr Mindbender - Master of Mind Control
Hawk - GI Joe Commander
Iceberg - Snow Trooper
Leatherneck - Marine
Lifeline - Rescue Trooper
Low Light - Night Spotter
Mainframe - Computer Specialist
Monkeywrench - Dreadnok
Roadblock - Heavy Machine Gunner
Sci-Fi - Laser Trooper
Viper - Cobra Infantry
Wet-Suit - Seals
Zandar - Zartan's Brother
Zarana - Zartan's Sister (no earrings, dif. head)
Zarana - Zartan's Sister (w/ earrings)
1986 Figures, mail-in
Sgt Slaughter - Drill Instructor (mail-in)
1986 Figures, set w/ Audio Tape
Special Mission: Brazil (5-pack + audio tape)
1986 Playsets (w/ figs)
Cobra Terror Drome with Firebat + AVAC fig
1986 Vehicles
Cobra Hydro-Sled
Devilfish (speedboat)
Dreadnok Air Assault (copter)
Dreadnok Ground Assault (Jeep)
Dreadnok Swampfire (speedboat/helicopter)
LCV Recon Sled (Low Crawl Vehicle)
1986 Vehicles with Figure
Cobra Night Raven S3P (plane) + Strato-Viper fig
Cobra Stun + Motor Viper fig
Conquest X-30 (jet) + Slip-Stream fig
Dreadnok Thunder Machine + Thrasher fig
HAVOC Heavy Ordnance Carrier + Cross-Country fig
Serpentor, Cobra Emperor with Air Chariot vehicle
Tomahawk (helicopter) + Lift-Ticket fig
Triple T Tank (Tag Team Terminator) + Sg Slaughter
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