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GIJoe '87
ManufacturerHasbro.GI Joe.3.75
categoryGI Joe
Assortments (7)
1987 Figures
1987 Figures, 3-packs
1987 Figures, mail-in
1987 Playset
1987 Vehicles
1987 Vehicles with Figure
1987 Weapons & Accessories
1987 Figures
Big Boa - Cobra Trainer
Chuckles - Undercover
Cobra Commander with Battle Srmor
Crazylegs - Assault Trooper
Croc Master - Cobra Reptile Trainer
Crystal Ball - Cobra Hypnotist
Falcon - Green Beret
Fast Draw - Mobile Missile Specialist
Gung-Ho - Marine Dress Blues
Jinx - Ninja/Intelligence
Law & Order - MP & K-9
Outback - Survivalist
Psyche-Out - Deceptive Warfare
Raptor - Cobra Falconer
Sneak Peek - Advanced Recon
Techno-Viper - Cobra Battlefield Technician
Tunnel Rat - LOD
1987 Figures, 3-packs
Cobra-La Team (Golobulus + Nemesis E + Royal Gd)
Sgt Slaughter's Renegades (Taurus+Red Dog+Mercer)
1987 Figures, mail-in
The Fridge - Physical Training Instructor
1987 Playset
Defiant Space Shuttle Complex + Payload + Hardtop
Mobile Command Center + Steam-Roller fig
1987 Vehicles
Coastal Defender vehicle
Cobra Buzz Boar vehicle
Cobra Jet Pack
Cobra Pogo Ballistic Battle Ball
Dreadnok Cycle
Road Toad (BRV) vehicle
SLAM (Strategic Long-Range Artillery Machine)
1987 Vehicles with Figure
Cobra Maggot vehicle + WORMS fig
Cobra Mamba Vehicle + Gyro-Viper
Cobra Sea Ray + Sea Slug navigator
Cobra Wolf + Ice Viper driver
Persuader + Back Stop driver
Zanzibar, Dreanok Pirate with Air Skiff vehicle
1987 Weapons & Accessories
Vehicle gear Accessory Pack #1
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