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GIJoe '89
ManufacturerHasbro.GI Joe.3.75
Assortments (4)
1989 Battlefield Robots
1989 Figures
1989 Vehicles
1989 Vehicles with Figure
1989 Battlefield Robots
Battlefield Robot Devastator (Cobra)
Battlefield Robot Hovercraft (Cobra)
Battlefield Robot Radar-Rat
Battlefield Robot Tri-Blaster
1989 Figures
Alley Viper - Cobra Urban Assault Trooper
Annihilator - Destro's Elite Trooper - Iron Gren.
Back Blast - Anti-Aircraft Soldier
Countdown - Astronaut
Deep Six - Deep Sea Diver
Downtown - Mortar Man
Frag-Viper - Cobra Grenade Thrower
Gnawgahyde - Dreadnok Poacher
HEAT Viper - Cobra Bazooka Man
Night Viper - Cobra Night Fighter
Recoil - Long Range Recon Patrol
Rock & Roll - Gatling Gunner
Scoop - Combat Information Specialist
Snake Eyes - Commando
Stalker - Tundra Ranger
TARGAT - Iron Grenadiers
1989 Vehicles
2-pack: Mudfighter & Cobra HISS II
Cobra Fang II
1989 Vehicles with Figure
Artic Blast + Windchill fig
Cobra Battle Copter + Heli-Viper fig
Cobra Condor Z25 + Aero-Viper fig
Cobra HISS II + Track Viper fig
Crusader Space Shuttle with Craft + Payload fig
Darklon's Evader + Darklon fig (Iron Grenadiers)
Destro's Razorback + Wild Boar fig (Iron Gren)
Mudfighter plane + Dogfight fig
Raider + Hot Seat fig
Thunderclap + Long Range fig
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