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GIJoe '90
ManufacturerHasbro.GI Joe.3.75
Assortments (3)
1990 Figures
1990 Vehicles
1990 Vehicles with Figure
1990 Figures
Ambush - Concealment Specialist
Bullhorn - Intervention Specialist
Captain Grid-Iron - Hand-to-Hand Combat Specialist
Free Fall - Paratrooper
Laser-Viper - Cobra Laser Trooper
Metal Head - Destro Anti-Tank Specialist (Iron G)
Night-Creeper - Cobra Ninja
Pathfinder - Jungle Assault Specialist
Rampart - Shoreline Defender
Range-Viper (Cobra Wilderness Troopers)
Rapid-Fire w/video
Rock-Viper - Cobra Mountain Trooper
Salvo - Anti-Armor Trooper
SAW Viper - Cobra Heavy Machine Gunner
Stretcher - Medical Specialist
Sub-Zero - Winter Operation Specialist
Topside - Navy Assault Seaman
Undertow - Destro's Frogman (Iron Gren)
1990 Vehicles
Cobra Piranah
Cobra Rage
Destro's Dominator (Iron Grenadiers)
Mobile Battle Bunker
1990 Vehicles with Figure
Avalanche + Cold Front fig
Cobra Overlord's Dictaotr + Overlord fig
General + Major Storm fig
Hammerhead + Decimator fig (Cobra)
Hurricane VTOL + Vapor fig
Retaliator + Updraft fig
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