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GIJoe '97 "THE Real American Hero"
ManufacturerHasbro.GI Joe.3.75
Assortments (4)
1997 Figures, 3-packs
1997 Figures, boxed set
1997 Teams and Missions Assort
1997 Vehicles with Figure
1997 Figures, 3-packs
Cobra Infantry Team: Cobra Trooper + Cobra Officer
Cobra Polar Force: S.Serpent + Night Cpr + Firefly
Navy Assault Unit: Torpedo + Shipwreck + Wet-Suit
Oktober Guard: Col Brekhov + Lt Gorky + Volga
1997 Figures, boxed set
Stars and Stripes Set: 8 figs + hilltop + flag
1997 Teams and Missions Assort
Army recon Mission: Duke + Silver M. Motorcyle
Artic Mission Team: Iceberg + Snow Job + Blizzard
Cobra Command Team: Cobra Cmdr + Baroness + Destro
Cobra Viper Team: Viper + Flight Pod
Commando Team: Snake eyes + Lady Jaye + S.Shadow
Navy SEAL Mission: Torpedo + Raft
1997 Vehicles with Figure
A-10 Thunderbolt + General Hawk + Ace
Cobra Rage + Alley Viper fig
Mobile Artillery Cannon (Slugger) + Gung-Ho fig
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