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GIJoe 2001 (Real American Hero)
ManufacturerHasbro.GI Joe.3.75
Assortments (4)
2001 Figures in 2-packs
2001 Figures, Manimals (KB)
2001 Playset with Figure
2001 Vehicles with Figure
2001 Figures in 2-packs
Big Brawler + Tripwire
Cobra Commander + Laser Viper
Destro + Fast Blast Viper
Double Blast + Crossfire
Gung Ho + Leatherneck
Low-Light + Sure Fire
Serpentor + Shock Viper
Shipwreck + Sidetrack
Sideswipe + Lifeline
Tomax + Xamot
Wet-Suit + Wet Down
Zartan + Shadow Viper
2001 Figures, Manimals (KB)
2001 Playset with Figure
G.I.Joe Headquarters + Rock 'n Roll fig
2001 Vehicles with Figure
AWE Striker + Pathfinder Fig
Desert Striker + Flint figure
NLC + Cutter figure
Wave Crusher + Sub Viper Figure
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